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The LiU Seminar Series in Statistics and Mathematical Statistics

The seminars are typically held bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 15.15-16.15.
For further information, or if you want to be notified about the seminars by e-mail, please contact Mattias Villani.

Upcoming Seminar

Tuesday, April 22, 3.15 pm, 2014. Seminar in Statistics

Merging longitudinal datasets from studies in cognition and brain imaging
Anders Lundquist
, Statistics, Umeå University.
Abstract: Human cognitive abilities are interesting to investigate from many different aspects, e.g. developmental trajectories during childhood as well as decline during aging, possibly with pathological components such as dementia. Currently, no single longitudinal dataset covering the human life span exist. However, by merging two available longitudinal datasets, coming from the Brainchild and Betula studies respectively, we are able to cover an age span of 6-85 years. The primary objective in this talk will be modelling the association between episodic memory performance and age, which is non-linear across the lifespan. We therefore use Generalized Additive Mixed Models (GAMM:s), permitting the memory performance to be a smooth function of age. As this is an ongoing project, results are preliminary, and time will be devoted for discussing alternative modelling strategies as well as other issues arising from joining data sets such as these.
Location: Alan Turing

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