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Design research seminar

The design research seminar series is an open seminar series where design researchers and designers hold presentations on a current topic within design research.

Design research seminar 2011

Vi kommer under våren att bjuda in Sinna Linqvist, Elena Pacenti, och Pelle Ehn.

Design research seminar 2010

Vi kommer under våren att bjuda in några stycken intressanta gäster, däribland Froukje Sleeswijk-Visser som framförallt arbetar med generativa tekniker och context mapping

Under hösten kommer Tuuli Mattelmäki.

Design research seminar 2009

Design and management

Qin Han, 2 dec 2009
Dundee university

Alan Turing, IDA, 10-12

Qin Han är doktorand vid Dundee university och arbetar med tjänstedesign och design management

This lecture introduces the concept of Service Design and, in specific, its current development in the UK.
In the UK, the service sector has grown at the expense of manufacturing. In 2001, the services account for around 70% of the GDP in the UK. This social, economic and technological shift have driven service organizations to search for more innovative means of bringing a deeper understanding of user experience into service systems, with the aim of winning the market competition and/or meeting the increasing public expectations.
As a result, an emerging profession has developed rapidly over the past decade, consisting of people from different design-related backgrounds who share the ambition of introducing design methods and people-centred design approaches to service development and innovation. Collectively, they call themselves ‘service designers’.
In the UK, an increasing number of Service Design consultancies have been established, entirely or partly devoted to the practice and the exploration of Service Design since early 1990s. Some design agencies quickly developed into businesses, with approximately 15 designers from different backgrounds who would team up to work on projects to deliver design solutions that covered multiple media, from printing to web content. Meanwhile, some design agencies remained as a core team of two or three people, working with clients as facilitators at certain stages of the service development process. The client bases of these design practice varies from regional development agencies to local schools, from global financial service providers to start-up local businesses.
This lecture shares insights on how different design practice are operated in the UK on reflections of years empirical studies conducted with inputs from service design practitioners based in the UK. Two case studies will be presented to illustrate the current practice situations, including the tools and approaches used in multiple stakeholder environments in their design practices. Audience are encouraged to take part in the discussion and share their experience, comments and suggestions on Service Design practices in Sweden.
A brief introduction of the research project conducted by Qin can be found on:
Information about the two case studies can be found on:
Make It Work: http://www.livework.co.uk/our-work/sunderland-make-it-work
Community Arts Open Space: http://www.wearecurious.com/caos.html


Anna Thies, 18 nov 2009

lokal tba, IKK, 17-19

Anna Thies är industridesigner och arbetar med produktsemiotik.

Interaction design criticism

Jonas Löwgren, 6 nov 2009
Malmö Högskola

Visionen, IDA, 10-12

Jonas Löwgren är professor i Interaktionsdesign vid Malmö Högskola och arbetar med experiential qualities och interaction criticism

Design games

Kirsikka Vaajakallio, 18 mars 2009
UIAH, Helsinki

Alan Turing, IDA, 16-18

Kiriskka Vaajakallioa doktorand på UIAH, Helsingfors, forskar om användningen av så kallade design games i användarinvolvering och tjänstedesign. Hon arbetar i projektet eXtreme Design där Stefan Holmlid deltar som expert.

Design research seminar 2008

Design probes

Tuuli Mattelmäki, 9 april 2008
UIAH, Helsinki

Alan Turing, IDA, 10-12

Tuuli Mattelmäki från UIAH, Helsingfors, som under många år arbetat med så kallade design probes. Design probes är ett samlingsbegrepp för ett brett spektrum av tekniker där användaren eller kunden genomför dokumentation som sedan kan användas för vidare designarbete.

Tuulis seminarium utgår från ett projekt om "ageing workers", som ett gott exempel på hur designtänkande och användarcentrerad design kan användas. Man använde sig av en användarcentrerad samskapande designprocess för att hitta förbättringar och motiv för att möjliggöra för människor att arbeta längre.

The evolution of Service Design
From interaction design to the design of platforms for action and socialisation

Daniela Sangiorgi, 4 februari 2008
Imagination, Lancaster

Herbert Simon, IDA, 10-12

The Design Research Seminar will provide an overview of the two main research frameworks in Service Design Research: (1) the Interaction Design paradigm as the first approach to Service Design, emerged in the ‘90s, that has identified the “service interface” and the “service interaction” as the main areas of design intervention; (2) and the recent research trend that qualifies Service Design as the design of platforms for action and socialisation. In doing so, it addresses the growing relevance of users’ participation and the wide adoption of social technologies in the design and delivery of services, as well as the need for a reorientation of society toward more sustainable behaviours.

Design research seminar 2007

Designforskning, vad är det och hur gör man då?

Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, 10 december, 2007

Rörelse i designforskning

Jin Moen, 22 oktober, 2007
Interaktiva Institutet


Lars Albinsson, 17 september, 2007
Högskolan i Borås

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