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Service design, innovation and involvement

The project Service Design: Innovation and Involvement, SERV, will develop and judge a set of design techniques that supports human-centered service development. OECD claims that 70 % of a typical western economy’s growth is driven be services and service development. Other actors claim that design is an important aspect for sustainable growth and development. SERV will develop

  • design techniques for service design
  • modelling techniques for individualisation
  • techniques for user involvement in service innovation

This is made possible through a consortia that opens up a set of service development projects for these research purposes. The service development processes will be configured in such a way that, e.g., the design techniques can be developed and judged. The service development projects will focus on individualization of IT-services, and thus on configuration of multiple mediators. The consortium provide existing enabling technologies, emerging technology development, service development settings, enabling individualization of these services and creating generic solutions, tools and methods.

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For information contact Stefan Holmlid, Project Manager at steho@ida.liu.se.

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Last updated: 2008-07-24