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Möjliggörande teknik genom användarcentrering och organisationsutveckling på beställarorganisationens villkor

With focus on procurers’ terms and goals, the project will study: (1) distribution of responsibility for usability, (2) organizational development and usability methodology, (3) requirements and creation of users. One primary goal for the project is to found a consortium for usability and organizational development. During the specified time frame, the project intend to study how different procurer organizations, which are part of the consortium, work with usability questions in actual development projects. The project has an integrated financing through an on-going project with Vetenskapsrådet, a separate project financed by FMV, faculty financing from KTH and LiU. Two projects that will be applied for during the fall and autumn are also included. At the present time, the consortium comprises seven companies; six other companies have shown interest in participation.


  • Henrik Artman, KTH, project manager
  • Ulrika Dovhammar, KTH
  • Stefan Holmlid, LiU, coordinator
  • Ann Lantz, KTH
  • Anna Swartling (f.d. Stockhaus), KTH
  • Per Sökjer, LiU

For information contact Stefan Holmlid, or Henrik Artman, Project Manager at KTH.

Page responsible: Stefan Holmlid
Last updated: 2008-07-24