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Service innovation for health and care

The point of departure for the project ICE is the expansive service context involving health and non-institutional care, more specifically, home-care. Today, there is national as well as international growth within this context and the possibilities for successful service innovations are excellent.

To enable innovation with a high degree of involvement of the many actors that are part of this context, ICE will develop forms for and try so called Trading Zones, in cooperation with the growth initiative New Tools for Health. Within these trading zones, ICE will utilise, develop and test user intensive design methods with high degree of empathy. This implies that the methods involve users who try out service innovations before these are in an actual phase of development. This approach creates high quality descriptions of service innovations. Reliable methods are introduced and new methods are developed taking service design as a starting point, for example, empathy tools, personas, experience prototyping, crowdsourcing, scenarios, design probes. Other relevant methods build on an ethnographic and situated approach.

The project’s research consists mainly of design research, focusing two aspects of service innovation: design methods in the front end of innovation, and strategies for user involvement and mechanisms for exclusion. The former highlights which methods that are suitable for early phases, how they work and the type of Swedish vocabulary that is appropriate for service design. The latter illustrates the mechanisms for exclusion that different involvement strategies bring about.


  • Stefan Holmlid, LiU, project manager
  • Lars Hult, designstudioÖst, Trading Zone coordinator
  • Leili Lind, Santa Anna Research institute, Trading Zone coordinator
  • Sonai Ardi, LiU, product designer
  • Johan Blomqvist, LiU, service designer
  • Jonatan Wentzel, Santa Anna Research institute, designer

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