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Mobile phone usage concepts
Interactive Product and Service Design of Personal Area Mobility

Introduction | Design challenge | Conceptual design work | Results

During the summer of 2008, three mobile phone usage concepts were developed in Linköping. Four design students from various backgrounds applied a user-driven approach to a case from Ericsson, a world-leading provider of telecommunication equipment.


The summer design office at Linköping university was made possible by a Scandinavian design research initiative, Ludinno, concerning user-driven innovation and a government funded research projects focusing on service design and innovation, ICE. Summer design office is a format made possible by SVID.

The work resulted in three visionary concepts for usage of future mobile technology. The work has attracted a lot of attention. In collaboration between the designers and the media company SitCom Collective, Ericsson presented a set of concept movies at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2009. The movies were simultaneously released on YouTube.

Design team

Sophie Andersson
Hanna Lidgren
Susanna Löfgren
Ester Stenlund Danelius


Jan Hederén

Design coach

Andrea de Angelis
(Not) at your service

Studio management

Johan Blomkvist
Stefan Holmlid


Project report

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Last updated: 2009-02-25