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Mobile phone usage concepts
Interactive Product and Service Design of Personal Area Mobility

Introduction | Design challenge | Conceptual design work | Results

The analysis of various needs and goals of the personas, through the user-driven innovation work led the designers to the final three concepts. These were first produced as mock-ups and CAD-drawings, and later as physical models of a 3D-printer.

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The three concepts are different perspectives on usage of mobile technology. Rather than being distinct and exact descriptions of products, they are complemetnary views on how mobile technology is made meaningful for different personas in different scenarios.

The organizer

The organizer is all about control and organization. About practicality, correctness and thoroughness.

The harmonizer

The harmonizer is all about well-being and balance. About individuality, using all your senses and cocooning.

The exciter

The exciter is all about pleasure, entertainment and creativity. About community, curiosity and being up to date.

Each concept was described with a scenario to clarify how the mobile solutions could be used to satisfy different needs and wishes. Read the report from the PAM case design process.

At a later stage, presentation videos were produced by Ericsson and SitCom Collective. The movies are accesible from the right.

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