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Mobile phone usage concepts
Interactive Product and Service Design of Personal Area Mobility

Introduction | Design challenge | Conceptual design work | Results

The objective was to create concepts and mock-ups of mobile units that incorporated a set of attributes described by the client.

  • Smart take-apart functionality
    (2-4 in- and interdependent parts)
  • Visionary concept
    (e.g. not necessarily implementable today)
  • Big screen
    (about the size of a A5 paper)

The focus was on identifying needs and behaviors in relation to mobility and mobile technologies. This led to a smorgasbord of use-cases. The concept should include functional parts and describe how they are used and how they contribute to the experience of using the mobile unit. Another requirement was that the final concept was developed together with users in a user-driven process.

Many mobile phones today contain a lot of different components with different functionality. Add-ons such as hands-free and chargers are clumsy and hard to use. There is however, a big competitive advantage in having as many of these components as possible in a single unit simply because it is easier to carry around.

The challenge of this case was to incorporate different components in a mobile unit but still offer the possibility to conveniently separate parts.

Design team

Sophie Andersson
Hanna Lidgren
Susanna Löfgren
Ester Stenlund Danelius


Jan Hederén

Design coach

Andrea de Angelis
(Not) at your service

Studio management

Johan Blomkvist
Stefan Holmlid


Project report

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Last updated: 2009-02-25