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There are two seminar series in Cognitive Science dureing fall 2017. Both take place on Thursdays on alternating weeks.

Theoretical Issues In Cognitive Science

The preliminary theme for this fall is how to define cognition, a topic that has been central in the discussions for and against the Clark & Chalmers paper on Extended Mind. A list of suggested papers are presented in the schedule in the link below, but we are of course open to suggestions for other topics or other papers related to this topic.

Schedule here

Seminars by and with people from COIN

In these seminars we present and discuss ongoing projects or work by the group members in COIN or invited persons from other groups.
14 Sep 10.15-11.30 (ca) Allen Newell Sofia Thunberg
12 Oct 10.15-11.30 Allen Newell Robert Johansson (NLPLab)
26 Oct 10.15-11.30 Allen Newell TBA
9 Nov 10.15-11.30 Allen Newell TBA
23 Nov 8.30-10.00 Allen Newell TBA
7 Dec 10.15-11.30 Allen Newell TBA
14 Dec 10.15-11.30 Allen Newell Sam Thellman
21 Dec 10.15-11.30 Allen Newell TBA

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