TrustLLM – Democratizing Trustworthy and Efficient LLM Technology for Europe

The main objective of TrustLLM is the development of an open, trustworthy, and sustainable LLM initially targeting the Germanic languages. This will create the foundation for an advanced open ecosystem for next generation modular and extensible European trustworthy, sustainable, and democratized large language models.

TrustLLM and the surrounding ecosystem will enable, support, and improve context-aware human-machine interaction in a wide range of applications, such as in smart assistants, conversational and dialogue systems, text processing, information extraction, and content generation services. This ecosystem is based on existing NLP/LLM initiatives at the project partners and will be leveraged by the European AI-on-Demand Platform. The project will foster LLM technologies to the European AI research ecosystem, academic and industrial, and will maximise the scientific, social, and economical impact while integrating other projects, platforms, and solutions.

The primary focus of the advertised position will be research on multilingual LLMs for lower-resourced languages, including:

TrustLLM is funded by the European Union and involves consortium partners from Denmark, Germany, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. It is coordinated by Linköping University.

As a PhD student, you will participate in the Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS).

Your workplace

You will become a member of the Natural Language Processing Group within Linköping University’s Department of Computer and Information Science. Your supervisors will be Professor Marco Kuhlmann and Associate Professor Marcel Bollmann.

More information

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