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Poster presentations

  1. Peter Ljunglöf: GRASP: Grammar-based Language Learning
  2. Bertil Carlsson and Arne Jönsson: Using the pyramid method to create gold standards for evaluation of extraction based text summarization techniques
  3. Joakim Gustafson and Daniel Neiberg: Directing conversation using the prosody of mm and mhm
  4. Jonas Rybing, Christian Smith and Annika Silvervarg: Towards a Rule Based System for Automatic Simplification of Texts
  5. Magnus Rosell and Viggo Kann: Constructing a Swedish General Purpose Polarity Lexicon - Random Walks in the People's Dictionary of Synonyms
  6. Stina Ericsson: LekBot - A natural-language robot for children with communicative disabilities
  7. Jens Edlund, Joakim Gustafson and Jonas Beskow: Cocktail – a demonstration of massively multi-component audio environments for illustration and analysis
  8. Robert Krevers and Sture Hägglund: A Study of Rhetorical Strategies for Personalized Text Generation
  9. Staffan Larsson: Detecting semantic innovation in dialogue
  10. Karin Friberg Heppin: Using Stylistic Differences in Information Retrieval
  11. Dimitrios Kokkinakis: Is data scrubbing capable of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data?
  12. Mattias Kanhov and Aldin Draghoender: Creating a reusable English – Afrikaans parallel corpora for bilingual dictionary construction
  13. Olga Caprotti, Krasimir Angelov, Ramona Enache, Thomas Hallgren and Aarne Ranta: The MOLTO Phrasebook
  14. Ramona Enache and Grégoire Détrez: A Framework for Multilingual Applications on the Android Platform
  15. Eva Forsbom and Kenneth Wilhelmsson: Revision of Part-of-Speech Tagging in Stockholm Umeå Corpus 2.0

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