Submission of camera ready
Dear Author,
Preferably you should upload your paper using the link that has been sent to you within the email confirming the registration of your paper. The email has subject "P2P2002: Paper registration". Otherwise, you can send the paper as email attachment to


Information for poster presenters
The poster session will start with a one (1!) minute oral presentation per poster in the conference room. You are allowed 2 slides. The purpose of this presentation is to show the other participants who you are and what topic your poster is about.
The rest of the poster session will take place in the poster room. Each poster has the use of a poster board. The size of the poster boards is 180 cm (height, boards standing on ground) x 75 cm. You are expected to be available at your poster for discussion and questions during the poster session time.

Last updated 10 July, 2002