"Advanced Peer-to-Peer Platform for Various Services--SIONet (Semantic Information Oriented Network)"
by Hiroshi Sunaga, Michiharu Takemoto, Tetsuya Iwata
NTT, Japan

"The Gridbus Toolkit for Service-Oriented Distributed Computing"
by Rajkumar Buyya
GRIDS Lab at The University of Melbourne, Australia

"LEAF: A toolkit to construct utility based learning agents"
by Steven J. Lynden and Omer F. Rana
Cardiff University, UK

"Quick Com: Serverless Business Communications Software"
by Martin King
Quick Com

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We offer the demo space free of charge for any established company. Invited speakers (includes keynote and accepted papers) may also use the demo area gratis.
The displays are open to the general public. Actual demonstrations will be scheduled in the Program.
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