Department of Computer and Information science, Linköping University

Welcome to IDA!

IDA is the Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping University in Sweden.

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* General Information
Our organization and employees. How to get in contact with us.
What's new?
* Research
Research at IDA is organized in laboratories.
* Education
Undergraduate education at IDA is divided into different subject areas.
A list of degree projects is available. Graduate education at the department.
* Upcoming events
Current, and coming, activities at IDA, e.g., workshops, conferences and seminars.
* Publications
Our technical reports archive can be searched and browsed.
* Local information (local access only)
IDA Homepage
* Other electronic services
Links to other electronic services: the IDA ftp, the Linköping University, other Swedish resources, local copies of WWW-pages, etc.

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