Frequently, I have been told that I am not easy to become friend with (Yes, most of my friends think so!!!). Well, I am not the one to judge whether it is true or false, however, I believe that the following facts about me might put some light on this issue.

1. I do not like to play any sport, neither physically nor electronically. The moment of writing this, I have not played last seven years. That said, it does not mean that I do not like sport. I enjoy soccer and cricket.
2. I am not in any social networking website (if google+ is not considered as one).
3. Most of the time, I like to travel alone
4. I stay away from discussions involving politics, fashion, culture and religion.
5. I can talk non-stop for several hours, both technical and non-technical.
6. I enjoy public transport. Never in my life, I would like to own a car.
7. I usually stay away from action, horror, cheap-romantic and crude-comedy movies/TV-series.
8. I do not exercise, jog or run. In general, I do not perform any task that requires more physical activity compared to walking.
9. I stay away from Holi. Never in my life so far, I have played Holi.
10. I do not own a smartphone.
11. I can cook good food and I have improved my cooking skill dramatically over the last few years :-).
12. I greatly enjoy reading crime fictions, in particular, novels written by Agatha Christie.