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Sara Stymne's teaching

Sara Stymne's teaching

I have been a teaching assistant on various courses on programming, datastructures and algorithms, artificial intelligence and language technology since 2003. Currently I teach 20%.


TDP005 Project: Object Oriented Systems
autumn 2011: examiner, course coordinator, lectures, course planning
autumn 2009: course coordinator, lectures, course planning
autumn 2008, 2007: lectures, project supervision, course planning

729G19 Applied Cognitive Science
spring 2012, 2011: Responsible for module on scientific writing, including a lecture and supervision of project report writing
spring 2010: project supervisor, Machine translation evaluation with eye-tracking

729G17 Language Technology
spring 2012, 2010: labs

729G09 Computational linguistics (Språkvetenskaplig databehandling)
spring 2012, 2008: labs, lecture

732G11 Programming I
autumn 2011: labs

729G10 Artificial intelligence I
spring 2011, 2010, 2008: labs, lessons, lectures

729G11 Artificial intelligence II
autumn 2011, 2009, 2008: labs, lessons, project supervision, lab development

Machine Translation (PhD course)
autumn 2008: tutor

Java development for HLT (PhD course)
spring 2008: supervision

HKGBB0 Artificial intelligence
autumn 2007, 2006: labs, lessons

HIBA20 Programming I
spring 2007: labs

HDISX4 Web Publishing: Technology, Design, Communcation
spring 2007, autumn+summer 2006: distance supervision

TDDC30 Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms
autumn 2006, 2005: lessons, labs, lab development

TDDB28 Programming and data structures
autumn 2006, 2005, 2003: lessons, labs, supervising projects

TDDB58 Object-Oriented Programming
autumn 2006: labs

TDIU06 Programming, basic course
spring 2006, 2005, autumn 2005, 2004: lessons, labs

TDDB22 Introduction to programming
spring 2006, 2005, 2004: lessons, labs, supervising projects

TDDB18 Introduction to programming in Ada
autumn 2005, 2004: lessons, labs

TDIU15 Programming in C
autumn 2005, 2004: lessons, labs

TDDI10 Object-oriented programming
spring 2005: lessons, labs

TDDI28 Data structures, algorithms and C++
spring 2004: lessons, labs

TDDB32 Object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms
autumn 2004, 2003: lessons, labs, supervising projects

TDDB53 Programming in Ada
spring 2003: labs

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