Supervised PhD Theses

Tommy Färnqvist (2013): Exploiting Structure in CSP-related Problems

Johan Thapper (2010): Aspects of a Constraint Optimisation Problem

Fredrik Kuivinen (2009): Algorithms and Hardness Results for Some Valued CSPs

Gustav Nordh (2007): Complexity Dichotomies for CSP-related Problems

Magnus Wahlström (2007): Algorithms, Measures, and Upper Bounds for Satisfiability and Related Problems

Vilhelm Dahllöf (2006): Exact Algorithms for Exact Satisfiability Problems

Ola Angelsmark (2005): Constructing Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction and Related Problems: Methods and Applications

Mathias Broxvall (2002): A Study in the Computational Complexity of Temporal Reasoning