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DF14900 Software Egineering


Lecture Slides and Additional Material

Day 1 Monday 23 April 2012

Section 1: Introduction to Software Engineering
Lecture 01 Introduction to Software Engineering Kristian Sandahl
Lecture 02 Software life cycles and processes Kristian Sandahl
Lecture 03 Software Project Management Kristian Sandahl
Section 2: Requirements Engineering and Software Quality
Lecture 04 Requirements Engineering Kristian Sandahl
Lecture 05 Software Quality Factors Kristian Sandahl
Lecture 05

Software Quality Management

Kristian Sandahl

Additional material:
PDF Usability Metrics
Day 2 Tuesday 24 April 2012

Section 3: Design and Implementation
Lecture 06 Introduction to UML Peter Bunus
Lecture 07 Design Patterns Peter Bunus
Section 4: Software Testing
Lecture 08 Software Testing Peter Bunus
Lecture 09 Software Testing Peter Bunus

Day 3 Wednesday 25 April 2012

Section 5: Model-Driven Engineering and Meta-Modeling
Lecture 10 Introduction to components and compositon systems Peter Bunus
Lecture 11 OO Technology -Components Systems Peter Bunus
Lecture 12 MetaProgramming and MetaModeling Peter Bunus

Day 4 Thursday 26 April 2012

Section 7: Agile Software Development
9:15-12:00 Agile Software Development -SCRUM Peter Bunus

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