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Thesis proposals

Literature study on dynamic constraint-based equation solvers (16hp) -- TAKEN 20150310

The project should review the current state of the art of constraint solvers that are used for solving the Nurse Rostering Problem (NRP). The expected end results will be a survey of contemporary of interaction mechanisms and work processes used in different projects and by different tools to enable users to create rosters (schedules). Also, the survey should include an overview of visual exploration techniques that can be used in connection with constraint solvers in other domains to create domain models and solve constraint satisfaction problems (CSP:s).

Online, graphical constraint-based equation solving with dynamic problem generation (30hp)

Constraint-based equation solvers are powerful tools for solving optimality problems in many domains, but they are yet to become the mainstream method for solving problems where users are not experts in the use of constraint solvers. For many, using advanced mathematical models without the ability to visually inspect or manipulate the model is a major obstacle to using advanced techniques for solving constraint problems.

This thesis will explore available open tools that can be used for constraint-based, iterative equation solving, and provide a graphical framework for interacting with constraint solvers by providing graphical components that can be used to model entitites in a constraint optimization problem, and their relationships to one another. The tool will be evaluated with respect to how fast users are able to learn and use the tool to create and solve new problems, and how the proposed design for the tool will enable users to model new types of constraint problems.

Suggested background: Master's students with courses in interaction design and mathematical (linear, combinatorial, constraint-based) optimization. Possible for two students.

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