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Mikhail Chalabine / Publications

Conferences / Workshops [Reviewed]

1. Andreas Leha, Mikhail Chalabine, Christoph Kessler — Parallelizing Scientific Code with Invasive Interactive Parallelization - a Case Study with Reuseware, Proc. of the 3rd Workshop on Component-based High Performance Computing (CBHPC 2008), Karlsruhe, Germany, October 2008. ACM SIGPLAN. | request |

2. Mikhail Chalabine, Christoph Kessler — A Survey of Reasoning in Parallelization, Proc. of the 8th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2007), Qingdao, China, July 2007. IEEE. | request |

3. Mikhail Chalabine, Christoph Kessler — A Formal Framework for Automated Round-trip Software Engineering in Static Aspect Weaving and Transformations, Proc. of the 29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2007) Minneapolis, MN, USA, May 2007 | request |

4. Mikhail Chalabine — Invasive Interactive Parallelization, Proc. of the Doctorial Symposium of the Fourteenth ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE 14), Portland, Oregon, USA, November 2006. | request |

5. Mikhail Chalabine, Christoph Kessler and Peter Bunus — Automated Round-trip Software Engineering in Aspect Weaving Systems (Short paper), Proc. of the 21st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2006), Tokyo, Japan, September 2006. | request |

6. Mattias Eriksson, Christoph Kessler and Mikhail Chalabine — Load balancing of irregular parallel divide-and-conquer algorithms in group-SPMD programming environments, Proc. of the 8th Workshop on Parallel Systems and Algorithms (PASA 2006), Frankfurt/Main, Germany, March 2006. | request |

7. Mikhail Chalabine and Christoph Kessler — Crosscutting Concerns in Parallelization by Invasive Software Composition and Aspect Weaving, Proc. of the 39th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2006), Hawaii, USA, January 2006. IEEE. | request |

8. Mikhail Chalabine and Christoph Kessler — Parallelisation of Sequential Programs by Invasive Composition and Aspect Weaving, Proc. of the Sixth International Workshop on Advanced Parallel Processing Techchnologies (APPT 2005), Hong Kong, China, October 2005. Springer LNCS. | request |

9. Mikhail Chalabine, Christoph Kessler, Staffan Wiklund — Optimising Intensive Interprocess Communication in a Parallelised Telecommunication Traffic Simulator, Proc. of the Int. High-Performance Computing Symposium (HPC 2003), part of the Advanced Simulation Technology Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2003. | pdf |


1. Invasive Interactive Parallelization, Linköping University, 2007. | request |

2. Parallelization of the interpreter in a test system for mobile telecommunication components, Nominated for best thesis award 2002, Linköping University, Ericsson (Center for Radio Network Control, Sweden), 2002. | request |


1. Mikhail Chalabine — What a Deep Learner Does that a Surface Does Not, Linköping, 2004 | pdf |