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Lena Strömbäck's Teaching

I am currently involved in the following teaching activities:
  • I am director of studies for courses at the ADIT division.
  • I am course leader and examiner of two courses in database technology TDDD46 and TDDD12
  • I am course leader and examiner for the course in Advanced Data Models and Databases TDDD43
Previously I have also been involved in the following courses:
  • I am responsible for the study profile "Teknik i avändarperspektiv" and lecturer for one of the courses in this profile TGTU09
  • I am also lecturing in the course Multimedia Information retrieval TDDC08
  • Computational Linguistics for the Computer Science program.
  • Natural Language Processing for the Computer Science program.
  • Functional Programming for the Information Technology program.
  • Basic programming courses.

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Last updated: 2011-01-13