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Lena Strömbäck's research

My research focuses on methods and tools for management and exploration of scientific data on the web. This data is particular challenging due to large volumes, high complexity and a variety in data structure. In this area there is a growing need for efficient and reliable data management tools and techniques. In particular researchers need access to tools that enables advanced analysis and exploration of large volumes of data provided by many contributing research teams. We work on this question in several areas:
  • Methods for representation of data within bioinformatics. Here we have evaluated current standards within the area and methods for integration of data. We are also interested in tools for effective exploration of bioinformatics data.
  • Methods for exploring large collections of scientific workflow data. Scientific workflows is commonly used for representing scientific processes and large collections of workflows exist to enable share and reuse of knowledge. In this area we investigate methods for effective querying and presentation of query results.
  • Efficient storage of XML. As XML is a very flexible representation language that can be stored in several ways efficient storage depends on the application. Here we are interested in exploring trade offs and hybrid storage combining relations and native XML storage. We are also interested in special solutions for represenations of, for instance, graphs.
  • In all these application areas we are interested in evaluating the new NoSQL database arcitectures to investigate their benefits and drawbacks in various situations.
Currently these research questions are and have been addressed within the projects: Efficient management and analysis of XML data and hybrid XML storage. We are in particular interested in new PhD students with an interest in scientific data exploration.

Previously I have been working in the area of Natural Language processing and with research at Nokia. More information is found here.

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