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Ph.D. Student supervision:
advisor (bihandledare)
  • Qiang Liu (Lic 2011)
    Lic: Dealing with Missing Mappings and Structure in a Network of Ontologies.
    opponent: prof Heiner Stuckenschmidt.
Undergraduate supervision
Civilingenjör, magister, MSc
  • Chowdari S,
    Semantic Role Labeling for Protein Transport (ongoing)
  • Benis N, Kaliyaperuma R,
    Building Frame-based Corpus using Ontological Domain Knowledge (ongoing)
  • Lingemark M, LIU-IDA/LITH-EX-A--09/038,
    A Lexicon for Gene Normalization
  • Chen B, LITH-IDA-EX--06/019--SE,
    Structure-based ontology alignment.
  • Zhang P, LITH-IDA-EX--06/018--SE,
    A user interface for SAMBO using ontology visualization tools.
Högskoleingenjör, kandidat, BSc
  • Manis, C., LiTH-IDA-Ex-Ing-02/32,
    Ontology Merge - a web-based application for merging ontologies.