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Born 1982 in Kristianstad, Sweden.


I've got a Master in Design and a Bachelor in Cognitive science, both from Linköping University. I've also studied Social anthropology (Linköping University), German (Högskolan i Kristianstad) and Spanish (Alcalingua at Universidad de Alcalá).

For my Master's thesis I did an Interaction Design project in collaboration with a department of Ericsson, in which I performed a monthlong field study which led to a suggestion for a new GUI design of an Ericsson internal tool. The thesis is available online.

For my Bachelor's thesis I focused on exploring Hofstede's cultural framework and it's potential appliance to online services. Most of the practical work was performed during a stay at sedes research at Köln International School of Design. The thesis is available online.


I've been involved in organising of several conferences. During my time as a student I was involved in arranging KVIT (a student symposium on Cognitive science) twice, in 2006 as chair of the committee, and as a member of the committee in 2007. I've also worked on Målinriktad design av tjänster (Goal-oriented design of services) and 13th Conference on Thinking.

During my time as a PhD student I've been involved with the ServDes conference. In 2010 I co-organised the conference with Stefan Holmlid and Johan Blomkvist, and I've maintained a support role in regard to webpage maintenance in the 2012 and 2014 editions of the conference. I've reviewed for several conferences and acted as a meta-reviewer for two conferences; the Linköping edition of ServDes and the first Service Design in Tourism conference (main organiser: MCI).

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