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PhD project

One of the funding aspects of Service Design is its user-centeredness. All the major Service Design consultancies stress the need of learning from the user on their homepages. Service Design as a field has been very good at developing visualisations of the user data that has been collected, through tools such as Customer Journeys and Personas, in the attempts to make the intangible services more tangible. These visualisations are usually one of the primary tools of communicating throughout the design process.

In spite of this, there exists very little research and documentation surrounding methods to collect user data for Service Design. There is little information to be found on the homepages of the major consultancies, and on the academic side Moritz (2005) short presentation seems to be among the most elaborate that has been written. Moritz lists 18 methods for collecting user data in the various stages of the design process. What is striking here is that all methods for user involvement have been borrowed from neighbouring fields such as Interaction Design. Neither Moritz nor any other author has evaluated the contribution of the methods for the understanding of service users’ situation.

The goal of the research conducted within this project is to evaluate the usefulness of various methods for collecting user data for Service Design. This is done in two steps – the first one is creating a wider understanding of which methods are being used and service designers’ attitudes towards methods. In the second step service design projects using the various methods will be observed/conducted with a focus of evaluating the contributions of the various methods.

General interests

The research issues I'm interested on a wider basis are within the fields of Service Design & Interaction Design. I'm particularly interested in issues regarding how to understand the user - naturally from a methodologywise side but also on how to overbridging differences in worldview, be they cultural or sociocultural.

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