The FP7 project DIAMOND - Integrated Debug for Design and Soft Errors - aims at improving the productivity and reliability of semiconductor and electronic systems design in Europe by providing a systematic methodology and an integrated environment for the diagnosis and correction of errors.

  • Verification & debug costs - Increasing design costs are a major challenge. While diagnosis & correction of errors are more time-consuming compared to error detection, they have received far less attention.
  • Increasing soft-error rates - Soft-errors in sequential logic are becoming a more severe issue than in memories. However, existing soft-error escape identification methods are inadequate.

DIAMOND provides unified diagnostic modeling and correction for different design abstraction levels and error sources. DIAMOND project will develop:
  • A holistic diagnostic model for design and soft-errors;
  • Automated debug, both pre- silicon and post-silicon;
  • Reasoning framework of word-level, formal, semi-formal, and dynamic techniques;
  • Integration of correction with the diagnosis methods.

DIAMOND Consortium

IBM (Israel), Ericsson AB (Sweden), TransEDA Systems (Hungary), Testonica Lab (Estonia), Univ. Bremen (Germany) (Austria), Linköping Univ. (Sweden), and TU Tallinn (Estonia, coordinator).

Project Members at Linköping University

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