Deluxe Doclet by Dr. Erik Berglund

For a more luxurious Java API experience. 

The Deluxe Doclet provides you with a superior reading-to-program experience. The Doclet is based on the research of Prof. Erik Berglund at the Dept. Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. It builds on the Standard Doclet which is designed and owned by Sun Microsystems and provides a more efficient Java API Documentation. All Deluxe Doclet derivate work is copyright Dr. Erik Berglund. Javadoc and Standard Doclet are property of and copyright/trademark by Sun Microsystems.    

Test the Deluxe Doclet in action. (Browse to a class file - enable JavaScript)
Get your free copy of the Deluxe Doclet for Java 1.4.

Primarily the Deluxe Doclet gives you faster API, with an organization designed for programming and for successfully pairing very good overview with quick and easy access to detail. Based on in-depth research of API design. Try it out!