Daniel de Leng


I am a PhD student at AIICS. I am also one of the developers of the DyKnow middleware framework.

In November of 2013 I graduated from the Technical Artificial Intelligence Master's programme at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. My thesis was written at AIICS and focused on extending semantic matching in DyKnow to handle indirectly available streams. It was selected as the winner of the Swedish AI Society prize for best AI Master's thesis, and can be retrieved here.

I started my PhD studies in April of 2014. My supervisor is Fredrik Heintz. I am involved in lab assistance for the TDDD78 Java course and the TDDD63 XPilot project. In the summer of 2017 I will be involved in the development of the TDDE13 Multi-Agent Systems course together with Fredrik Heintz.

Download my cv for more information.