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TDDC78 examination (2011)

Next exam:

check tentasök for dates and locations.

Allowed aids:

No aids (notes, books, calculators etc.) are allowed in the written exam, except for dictionaries between your first language and English.


We give graded marks (U, 3, 4, 5) on the exam.
Due to new regulations by Linköping University 2012, we are no longer allowed to give ECTS grades but have to use the Swedish grading system only, even for exchange and international master students.

Exam review (Tentavisning):

For the first (main) exam, we will announce (here) a date in week 23/24 where you can meet the examiner and inspect the correction of your exam (tentavisning). After that date the exams will be archived at the IDA expedition.
For the later exams (omtentorna) we usually send the exams to the expedition immediately after reporting to Ladok and explain corrections on demand if there should be any questions; please contact the examinator in that case.

Some old exams:

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