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Christoph Kessler

Research Group on Compiler Technology and Parallel Computing



  • After our initial meeting, enter your thesis project registration at IDA in WExUPP.
  • Go to your study counsellor / study program coordinator and ask her to fill in the thesis project registration form for LiTH, certifying that you have fulfilled the general necessary course requirements for starting a thesis. Hand in this paper to me for further processing, I will sign and send it back to the faculty as soon as you are registered in WExUpp.
  • Exjobb course code: see the studiehandboken.
    This page with the new exjobb course codes (for you who started on a LIU program in 2007 or later) is currently only available in Swedish.
  • The form for the new half-time evaluation (mandatory for projects that started since March 2011) is currently only available in Swedish, see the IDA (swedish) thesis templates page.
  • One-year cutoff rule: Studiehandboken: "Den studerande förväntas kunna genomföra ett examensarbete inom givna tidsramar. Ett examensarbete om 30hp som inte blivit redovisat och godkänt senast 12 månader efter att det påbörjats ska underkännas såvida det inte finns särskilda skäl eller att en längre tidsperiod överenskommits redan i planeringsrapporten."


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