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AIROB AI Robotics (5 ECTS)

vt2 2013

This course provides an overview on state of the art methods and algorithms in robotics. In more particular we will discuss popular topics in this context, such as sensing and state estimation, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), search algorithms and motion planning, and exploration by heterogenous multi robot teams.

The goal of this course is to teach students preliminary algorithms and methods that are building the foundations for truly autonomous robot systems that can be deployed in real-world scenarios. The course is very much related to the practical application of robotics. In fact, examples from the field of Security and Rescue Robotics, will accompany the material used during each lecture.

Latest News...

Apr 29, 2013  Date Changed!

Please note that the lecture scheduled for April 30th has been moved to May 3rd as requested by the students!

Apr 1, 2013  Homepage created.

Welcome to AI Robotics!

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