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OpenModelica calls using Corba clients in Cygwin or Windows
Adrian Pop,, 2006-01-28

Here are some examples on how to call OMC from Corba clients.
What a fun was implementing them. I never used Corba before
and was a pleasure learing about it. 
For visually inclined people: look into directories for images.

- Cygwin: (contains python)
- Windows Python:
- windows package contains the windows package of omniORBpy:
- cygwin package contains a cygwin compiled library of Mico:
- both packages are independent you only need:
  + on Cygwin:  g++ compiler (+ cygwin python if you want to run the python script)
  + on Windows: python
- beware that you cannot run the cygwin python script using the windows python
- also you cannot run the windows python omniORBpy corba client using the cygwin python

What to see (screendumps):
1. using g++/mico
   - see directory _cygwin
2. Windows using python/omniORBpy
   - see directory _windows

What to take:
1. Both Cygwin+Windows
2. Cygwin only
   - _cygwin/
3. Windows only
   - _windows/
4. Java
   - _java/

Enjoy and report bugs!
Adrian Pop/
Last Update: 2006-11-07