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TTIT33 Algorithms and Optimization


The course includes three regular laboratory assignments: one Data Structures Lab (instructions) and two Optimization Labs (instructions) to be solved in two-person groups . The lab sessions are scheduled  respectively, at IDA and at MAI.  For these labs the students have to register in IDA WebReg system at latest week 43. In case of questions  contact Fredrik Kuivinen.

The regular labs deadlines:
Lab 1 (DALG): Friday week 46     Fredrik Kuivinen
Lab 2 (OPT):    Friday week 48     Kaj Holmberg
Lab 3(OPT):     Tuesday week 50  Kaj Holmberg

In addition the course includes an Integration Lab assignment  (instructions) (testdata) where implementation of a solution to an optimization problem requires selection of  suitable data structures. The Integration Lab assignment is to be solved in the  base groups. This task is to be undertaken as soon as possible, independently of the other three lab assignments.  The reports are to be sent both to Kaj Holmberg and to Fredrik Kuivinen and  appointments are to be made for demonstration of the running code.  Each base group has to provide two reports containing, respectively

  1. a description of  the approach, of the chosen datastructures and the algorithms (in pseudocode) with complexity analysis. Deadline Friday week 48
  2. the printout of the code and a presentation of the results of running the code with the test data.   Deadline: Friday, week 49