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TTIT33 Tema: Algorithms and Optimization (2006)

General Information

Course Goals

This course has two components:

  • The Computer Science component discusses commonly used data structures and their algorithms .
  • After having completed the course you should know:
    • basic notions and techniques used for analysis of time complexity of algorithms,
    • the most common Abstract Data Types such as stack, queue, priority queue, dictionary, graph, and techniques of their implementation,
    • commonly used algorithms for some fundamental problems, such as sorting, searching and selection.
    • commonly used techniques of algorithm design, such as divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming and greedy technique.
  • The Optimization component discusses commonly used techniques for solving combinatorial optimization problems, using the above mentioned data  structures and algorithms. After having completed the course you should be able to:
    • identify,  model and  classify combinatorial optimization problems,
    • solve the problems,
    • analyze them using techniques of complexity theory. 
    You should  know well several basic types of combinatorial optimization problems,  efficient algorithms for their solution and  techniques used for their implementation.
For more details see: Temamål (pdf)


A summary of midterm evaluation is placed here. Thanks a lot for your comments.
Nov. 7

The dates of  the oral exam are December 12, 2006 and January 15, 2007
To register for one of the dates send a mail to Jan indicating the chosen date.
Deadline for the registration is November 20. The problem is posted  at the exam page.

The oral exam will be held in Swedish.
Oct.  5
 The homepage is under revision. More changes may be introduced before course start on October 24.