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TDTS57 Computer Architecture

Case study

For the case study you get points in the range 0 to 10. These points are added to those from the written exam and the total obtained sum will decide on the final grading (see Examination). If you do not write a case study you automatically get 0 points for this part.

The case study is performed by a group of not more than 4 and not less than 3 persons. The task is to analyse a processor, to write a report, to present the report, and to oppose to another report.

Each group chooses to describe a processor at its choice. Next, the group chooses a title for its report. The title can be, for example, "Power consumption in PowerPC". This means that you describe the processor in general, but more importantly, you focus on the new features introduced in the product and discuss the power consumption.

OBS, try to limit your focus.

The title of your report is of course at your choice. Not all have to focus on power consumption.

The report is presented by the group in a 15 minutes presentation at one of the announced presentation occasions (see below). Each group opposes (leads the discussion, poses relevant questions) to one report (cca. 5 minutes).

The report should be written in English or Swedish.

What to hand in? Your report + opposition (max one page).

Before presenting

Each group is responsible to send their report (in pdf to their opponents and to sohsa@ida.liu.se at latest 3 working days before the presentation occasion. The opponent group should write approximately an A4 page with their opposition on the report and hand in a hard copy to the course assistant at the presentation occasion.

After the presentation

After the presentation each group make changes to their report according to the comments they received at the presentation. When you have the final version of your report (in pdf), you should send it to the course assistant using the following e-mail address: sohsa65.liu@analys.urkund.se. This e-mail address should only be used for this purpose. When you send your report to this e-mail address it will be checked by the Urkund system which consists of a large database of documents.

The Urkund system will compare your reports with the documents in its database to check if there are any similarities with any existing document. The documents in the database are taken from scientific journals and proceedings, from publishing houses, from the Internet, and more.

When you submit your report to the Urkund system you will receive a notification from Urkund. After your report has been analyzed (takes at most 1 day), it will be forwarded to the supervisor together with the analysis results.

Last day to submit your report to sohsa65.liu@analys.urkund.se: 5th of March 2007 OBS! Exceeding this date results in reduction of points with one point/day.

Presentation occasions

Number Date

Registered groups

Group Contact Email Processor Focus
1 Johan Ahlberg
John Andersson
Susanne Andersson
Amanda Araskog
Intel Core 2 Duo Comparison single- vs. multi-core processors
2 Patrik Larsson
Andreas Zetterlund
Aw Yong Lay Wen
nVidia 8800GTW gpu Comparison with ATi X1950XTX
3 Yoo-Ho Kang
Miguel Hurtado Gonzalez
Omar Cruz
Playstation 2 EE,GS,IO processor Performance study
4 Alvaro Gonzalez Nonay
Juan Braga
Mariano Sanchez Martin
Loic Boute
Microchip PIC Family Internal structure, comparison with other microcontrollers, applications
5 Michael Helldal
Ämir Ben Ismail
Anders Persson
Intel Pentium Pipelining
6 Linda Mohlin
Erik Fransson
Johan Gustavsson
? ?
7 David Bjermo
Adam Davy
Karl Kessler
Niklas Lundberg
Intel Core 2 Duo SSE4
8 Olle Johansson
Rouzbeh Heidari Pour
Anders Bentell
Erik Johansson
Intel P4, Core 2 Duo Comparison
9 Andreas Englund
Oscar Hultefors
Mikael Hussain
Johan Henkow
Pentium 2 Performance comparison between Pentium 2 and Pentium 3

Schedule for presentations

Date Presenting group Opponent group
27/2 (17:15-19) 1 6
27/2 (17:15-19) 5 1
1/3 (17:15-19) 2 3
1/3 (17:15-19) 3 4
1/3 (17:15-19) 4 2
2/3 (8:15-10) 8 7
2/3 (8:15-10) 7 9
2/3 (8:15-10) 9 8
2/3 (8:15-10) 6 5

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Last updated: 2007-03-06