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TDTS57 Computer Architecture


There are two examination items:

  1. Written examination, max. 30 points. See the example exams.
  2. Case study, max. 10 points.
Your final grade will be calculated based on the total points obtained from the written exam and the case study. If you do not hand in the case study, you will get 0 points for it and, consequently, your total points will result only from the written exam.

To pass, you have to get at least a total of 22 points out of the 40 possible.

See the reading instructions for the course book to prepare for the exam.

The exam dates are as follows:

  • 15 March 2007, 14-18
  • 11 June 2007, 8-12
  • 20 August 2007, 8-12

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Last updated: 2007-01-16