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TDTS41 Computer Networks (5.25 ECTS)

Ht1 2006

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Welcome to TDTS41, autumn 2006!

This course is replaced by TDTS06 Computer networks beginning from autumn 2007.

The last exam in the course, given on August 24, has been graded. Your result should be in LADOK during Monday, September 10. The exam can be fetched from the student office at IDA on Monday too.

Latest News...

2009‑02‑01  Everyone who took the exam on January 16, 2009 have been passed with grade 3

See LADOK message within a couple of days

2007‑06‑23  Discontinued updating the web pages

See new version of the course as TDTS06 Computer networks

2007‑08‑23  Corrected the list of names of the files to hand via the script

See Laborations on the menu

2007‑08‑13  Added a clarification to FAQ question regarding when to hand in late labs

See question 8 under section Laboration routines in the FAQ on the menu

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Last updated: 2007-09-07