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Before you read the information on this Web page, please spend some time to read the


that we apply to conduct the laboratory work in this course. In addition to what you just read by following the abovementioned link,

  • a lab group consists 2 students, and
  • a lab group is not allowed to work on more than one computer during the scheduled lab sessions.

If you have any questions, or if you are not sure about the exact meaning of any of the rules, you must consult the course leader or the lab assistants before you start working with the labs. The best and fastest way to reach the instructors is to post in Piazza.

General information

This lab is done in groups of 2 students. You should choose a lab partner and sign up in Webreg. The registration deadline is set on Friday 08th of November 2013.
In Webreg, you can sign up in any group. There are two lab sessions every week.
Group A will attend the first lab session in the week, while
Group B will attend the second lab session in the week.
If you have any problems registering through Webreg or if you want to switch groups contact the course assistant.


The examination of each of the three lab assignments are based on a demonstration to your lab assistant and a written report to be handed in before the deadline outlined further down on this page. Demonstrations are done during lab sessions. Once you have demonstrated a lab assignment to your lab assistant you need to hand in a lab report for that lab assignment. In the report, you should explain in detail what you have done and answer the questions with sufficient motivation. You should use figures when necessary. There are deadlines for handing in lab reports. You must demonstrate the labs in one of the lab sessions prior to handing in the reports. See more information further down on this page.


Before you start working on the lab assignments, please go through the following preparations.


Failure to meet the deadlines in respect to demonstrations, means students are requested to take next year's lab course. Failure to hand in report in time, means there is no guarantee when report is corrected.

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Last updated: 2013-11-22