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TDDI48 Advanced Programming and Interactivity on the WWW

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Aug 20  New license key + JDK version

The license key for IDEA has been updated; run ~TDDI48/idea/updatekey.sh to update it. Also, the version the JDK previously used to run IDEA has disappeared during the summer, so I've updated the startup shell script to reflect this. You may have to change the JDK in your project settings as well. This may also be a good time to take a backup of your project before restarting IDEA, given these fundamental changes.

Feb 6  Information by email

Some of the more "urgent" information about this course is sent to tddi48-vt2007@student.liu.se rather than being presented on the web page. Please make sure that you are a member of this email list. If you haven't received these mails, you are most likely not registered for the course!

Jan 25  Slides

The slides from the markup lecture are available: color/grayscale.

Jan 22  Plugins for Firefox

The plugins demonstrated today were Firebug and Web Developer.

Jan 22  Schedule + labs

The lecture on Tuesday 23/1 will be cancelled, since many of you had other lectures at that time. There will be lectures on Monday (markup languages), Wednesday (web applications part 1) and Thursday (web applications part 2) this week.

We are working on the labs and they are mostly updated for 2007. As each part of the lab is proofread and the final fixes and changes are made, the "(2006)" addendum to their menu items in the left hand side panel will be removed.

Jan 22  Java for C++ programmers

The Java for C++ programmers introduction is now available. A PDF version will be made available later.

Jan 17  Tomorrow's lecture cancelled

Since many of you have another lecture at the same time as the TDDI48 lecture tomorrow (despite promises by the schedulers that there would be no such problems), we will cancel the lecture 18/1. More information about next week will follow later.

Jan 17  Welcome!

Welcome to TDDI48! As mentioned during today's lecture, the unexpected changes to this course and its prerequisites have caused some delays in updating the web pages for 2007. We're working on this and everything will be updated soon. For the moment, we have made the slides from the introduction available (color/grayscale).

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