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Lecture overview and slides

The plan is not definite, but may change if You or I find suitable.

Slides that was used lectures. Note that the slides in many cases only cover the keyword of what was discussed on the lecture. Also note that the lectures cover more than a single book. The italic text indicate where to find more information (non-exhaustive).

  • Lecture 01
    Introduction and course information
    Course information
    What characterise an embedded system?
    Embedded systems tool-chain and terminology
    Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 1.
    Barr&Massa: Chapter 1, 3, 4, 5.
  • Lecture 02
    Preprocessor and C topics
    Preprocessor features
    C-language and bit-manipulation
    Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 2.
  • Lecture 03 - 04
    Hardware environment and devices
    Hardware - Software interfacing, I/O
    Software environment
    Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 5.
    Barr&Massa: Chapter 2, 7, 8.
  • Lecture 04 - 05
    Time-ordered tasks - State Machine
    Time-intervalled tasks
    Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 3-4.
    Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 7-8,(9).
  • Lecture 06
    Code optimization and coding issues
    Vahid&Givargis: Chapter 6,10.
    Barr&Massa: Chapter 10-11,14.
  • Lecture 07
    System specification and models
    Design metrics
    Design methodologies
    Design article (see literature).
  • Lecture 08
    Previous year exam paper

Slides and documents referenced on lecture

Preprocessor and C
Microcontroller: ATtiny reference (full)
Microcontroller: ATtiny reference (summary)

Time order & State machines
Design methods and models
IIC, CAN, Repetition

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