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Laboratory Sessions

The course includes a set of laboratory sessions (two hours each). Students are expected find and read reference material on their of as preparation. Links and information given in the lab instruction, on the course homepage, and on lectures is a good starting point.

The lab assignments are to be done in groups of two students (using one computer). You must keep the same partner for all assignments.

You are expected to read and prepare the material related to the lab before going to the supervised laboratory sessions. In this way, you may take more advantage of the laboratory time.

The scheduled laboratory sessions are intended for implementations, asking questions, getting support from your lab assistant, and demonstrating your assignment when it is complete.

Lab Registration

Plese refer to your group schedule before you register for a group. You can find it on the Timetable page.

You must choose your lab partner and sign up for the labs through the web interface. You log in using the same user name and password as you use when logging on IDA's computer system.
N.B! You can attend EITHER Group_A OR Group_B in the labs. NOT both. Choose the schedule best for you (either group is probably equal good/bad). The decision is made when you sign up in webreg.
If you sign up in Group_A you should attend ONLY Group_A lab sessions.
If you sign up in Grupp_B you chouls attend ONLY Grupp_B lab sessions.

The deadline for lab registration is 19th of Mars 2012.

N.B! It will NOT be possible to demonstrate labs after the course finish. If you do not manage to finish all labs you must attend the labs again next year (and the labs may be different then).


Please, be careful to point out anything strange you find in the instruction. (Factual errors, Nonworking instructions, Grammatic errors, Spelling errors, or simply things you think are uncommonly well described :-)

Reference information

Lab instructions

Demonstration and DEADLINES

Plese refer to your group schedule. You can find it on the Timetable page.

In order to pass the labs, students are required to demonstrate each assignment to the lab assistant. The final hard deadline to do this and get the last lab approved it on the last scheduled lab session.

See the schedule on the course homepage to determine the deadline for each lab and to determin when the last lab session occur for the group you've selected.

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Last updated: 2012-04-26