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TDDI11 Embedded software (6 ECTS)

Vt2 2010

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22/4 2010  Updated lab instructions

The lab instructions is updated with information on how to run simulations on a Linux x86 server, that makes the CPU cycles register work. Use this to test lab 1 and 2.

10/4 2010  Lab instructions

We will not get a license in time for the lab start on Monday. Therefore I have adapted the lab instruction for use of QEMU as target system emulator. You are requested to read through the entire document NOW. This will enable you to provide me with feedback, so I can correct muddy points early, it will prepare you for what you should do in the labs, and it will enable you to ask lab-relevant questions on the lectures.

The first draft of the QEMU-enabled instruction is available at: http://www.ida.liu.se/~TDDI11/2010/labs/laborations.pdf

18/3 2010  Simulator problems

It has already proved to be be very good with a later start of the labs. Due to severely delayed license handling for the Simulator software used in the labs we are not sure when we can get an update to the license. We are searching for solutions, which may involve updated lab instructions to use an other simulator.

15/3 2010  LAB-sessions will start April 13 (It's intended)

Labs will start after the April re-exam period (Apr 13).
You can attend EITHER Grupp_A OR Grupp_B in the labs. NOT both. The decision is made when you sign up in webreg.
It will NOT be possible to demonstrate labs after the course finish. If you do not manage to finish all labs you must attend the labs again next year.

15/3 2010  Course homepage migrated to 2010

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