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TDDI11 Embedded software (6 ECTS)

Vt2 2007

Feedback: please let us know how to improve the lectures and the labs

Latest News...

3/5  LCD Controller

More information about programming the controller for an LCD screen (see also lecture 7).

2/5  Lectures 7-8

The slides for lecture 7 and lecture 8 have been added.

23/4  Lecture 6

The slides for lecture 6 have been added.

23/4  Changes in the schedule

The following lab sessions are canceled:
Week 20, Monday 10-12 (Group B)
Week 18, Thursday 8-10 (Group A)
Week 21, Thursday 8-10 (Group B)
Week 21, Thursday 10-12 (Group A)

The NEW times are:
Week 17, Friday 15-17 (Group B)
Week 18, Wednesday 17-19 (Group A)
Week 21, Wednesday 17-19 (Group B)
Week 21, Wednesday 19-21 (Group A)

4/4  Lecture 5

The slides for lecture 5 have been added.

26/3  Lecture 4

The slides for lecture 4 have been added.

23/3  Lecture 3

The slides for lecture 3 have been added.

22/3  Lecture 2

The slides for lecture 2 have been added.

21/3  Lab rooms

Here are the maps to the lab rooms in E-building: PC4, PC5.

21/3  Lab lesson slides

Lesson slides in pdf.

19/3  Feedback

We have added a link where you can provide your feedback about the course.

16/3  Lab registration

Webreg is now open for lab registration. Deadline: 28th of March

12/3  Lecture 1

The slides for lecture 1 have been added.

9/3  web pages

The web pages are up.

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