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TDDI09 System installation: Labs


Start with the introduction and course information, then move on to the preparatory labs and finally the project. The preparatory labs should not take that long to finish as the instructions are fairly detailed.

This course has nearly 150 hours allocated to labs, but less than a third of that actually scheduled. Experience shows that many students will need all the hours allocated. Plan your work accordingly.

Make sure you meet the deadlines posted on the course home page!


Hand in your first set of lab reports and automated tests after you finish the DNS lab. Hand in the remaining lab reports and automated tests after you finish the rest of the labs.

Supplemantary information

Domain and host names Use group.sysinst.ida.liu.se as your DNS domain name (e.g. c1.sysinst.ida.liu.se). You may use any hostnames you want, but router, server, client-1 and client-2 are recommended.

Addresses Consult the address plan for details on what addresses to use.

Sharing virtual machines You cannot run the same group's virtual machines from more than one account at a time. If you do, only one group will have Internet connectivity. If you want both group members to be able to start the virtual machines from their own accounts, then adjust the permissions on the files installed on one of the accounts, and run everything from there. You are on your own here -- your lab assistant will probably not have time to help you troubleshoot this kind of setup.

All labs are done remotely on the server marsix.ida.liu.se. To log in, ssh user@marsix.ida.liu.se, where user is your IDA username.

Lab materials

The lab series consists of all the labs listed below. These PDF files are designed to be printed full size on a double-sided printer.

Course information and instructions

    TDDI09 - Systeminstallation.pdf

Preparatory labs (mandatory)

You should complete these no later than three weeks after the course starts. Use lab-1 UMLs for these labs.

Updated labs coming soon.

    UML - User Mode Linux.pdf
    LXB - Linux Basics.pdf
    APT - Simple Debian Package Management.pdf


Use lab-2 UMLs for these labs.

Mandatory labs

Updated labs coming soon.

    SCT - Scripting and Testing.pdf
    NET - Networking.pdf
    DNS - DNS Fundamentals.pdf
    NTP - Network Time.pdf
    NIS - Network Information Service.pdf
    STO - Storage.pdf
    NFS - Network File Systems.pdf
    EMB - E-Mail Basics.pdf

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