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Lecture Notes

The slides from the lectures will be posted here just before the lecture. The tentative lecture plan is as follows:

Lecture topics

Lecture  Topic Pdf     Note     Reading guidelines (see Literature page for links to the reading material)
1: Introduction pdf Mikael Asplund [VDMC08] Chapters 1, 2 and 3
2: Networking I (Medium Access) pdf Mikael Asplund [VDMC08] Sections 6.1 and 7.2
3: Networking II (Routing) pdf Massimiliano Raciti [VDMC08] Sections 7.3 and handouts (Introduction to CTP)
4: Networking III (Cellular M2M) + Muddycard evaluation pdf Mikael Asplund [WTJ+11]
5: Clock synchronisation and positioning pdf Mikael Asplund [VDMC08] Chapter 8
6: Resource management pdf Massimiliano Raciti [EBS03]
7: Dependability and Security pdf Massimiliano Raciti [Kop97] Chapter 6
8: Power Management techniques pdf Massimiliano Raciti [Bou06] Chapter 24
9: Exam preparation


  • Lesson 1, TinyOS and NesC PDF
  • Lesson 2, Energy-efficient Wireless Communication PDF

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