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TDDI07 Distributed embedded software and networks (4 ECTS)

Ht2 2009

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2009‑12‑03  Resource

The resource occasion on December 11 (which is not an examination event even if the time table seems to indicate that) will tak place in my room. :------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2009‑11‑06  Microsoft paper

If you are interested, take a long at this paper paper from Microsoft, which shows that the industry is aware of the topics we discuss in the course and that there is money involved for them (i.e. salaries for you).

2009‑10‑28  Lesson pdf updated

2009‑10‑23  Course start

The course starts on Monday October 26th in P36. Welcome!

2009‑10‑20  Web pages for 2009 created, BUT NOT OFFICIAL YET.

Web pages for 2009 will be updated during the coming week.

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