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TDDI05 System installation (7.5 ECTS)


The information on this page (and related pages) is in the process of being updated. Please be patient.

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Deadlines are strict. All work must be handed in by November 15. We will take demonstrations through December 15, but only if you've handed in the written work by the deadline.

Mail to David Byers. If you want to send me e-mail, you must include the course code (TDDI05) at the beginning of the subject line. Otherwise there is a good chance that I'll miss your message.

Lab signups

You must sign up for the labs. You may work in groups of up to three, but working alone is recommended only for those who either area familiar with the material already or are prepared to spend extra time on the course. You may not work in groups of more than three.

If you are registered for TDDI05, you may sign up in groups A or B. If you are not registered, you must sign up in group C (which has no scheduled labs).

Sign up for the labs!


Course leader: David Byers <davby@ida.liu.se>
Rum: B 2tr 2B:450
Telefon: 282821
Course secretary: Katarina Löfstrand <katlo@ida.liu.se>
Rum: B 3E:185
Telefon: 281481

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Last updated: 2007-08-13