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TDDI04 Concurrent programming, Operating Systems, and Real-time Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

Vt1-Vt2 2009

Latest News...

25/5  Answers to example exam [UPDATED]

Now include the final answers and correction comments. exempeltenta.pdf

5/5  Anticipatory Disk Schduling

Anticipatory scheduling article and information

26/3  Solutions to exercises

If you want solutions to any exercises (book, old exam, lesson assignment, pintos preparation) you will have to write them and send to me. If you all supply enough effort I will compile a document of your answer suggestions with correction comments. However, You can not send answer suggestions it in the last minute, I need at least two weeks to find the time to compile the document.

26/3  Lab discussion sessions

The lab discussion session regarding lab 1 and 2 we had yesterday was appreciated by at least some students. If you would like another session to freely discuss any lab questions or solutions, make sure you alert me and some friends so that it can be arranged.

26/3  Exam bonus information added

16/3  IMPORTANT information on next lesson

IDA's prefekt, Mariam Kamkar, kommer att delge IP2 viktig information på nästa lektion, den 23/3 kl 15.

Jag ber alla IP2 gå till S10 kl 15. (Di2 och övriga går till S11.)

IP2 i S10 alltså.

---- Message repeated in english ----

The head of IDA, Mariam Kamkar, has important information to share with IP2 on the lesson Monday 23/3.

All IP2 students should go to S10. (Others go to S11.)

9/3  EFFECTIVE Schedule change

The lecture on Friday Mars 27 08 - 10 ARE moved. The new time is Tuesday mars 31, 15 - 17 in P42.

6/3  PRELIMINARY Schedule change

The lecture on Friday Mars 27 08 - 10 will be moved. The PRELIMINARY new time is Tuesday mars 31, 15 - 17.

24/2  Lesson 3 online

And the lectures and lessons page is updated to reflect the schedule for week 13-20. Some lectures changed order.

10/2  Lab 2 online

Instructions for lab 2 is online for your review. Read and prepare the lab before lesson 2 on Monday.

2/2  Lecture notes

Lecture notes of synchronization lecture available.

1/2  Lab instructions

The first lab instruction is available. Please read it carefully several times before the first lab on Friday. If you find time, do it before the lesson. Also browse the code to relate to the instruction. I believe it is very important to grasp how pintos works and is structured early on to successfully complete all labs.

28/1  Reading instructions

Reading instructions now on the course overview page.

27/1  Extra lab space!

The lab schedule has now received one extra computer room (PUL). Apart from that times and locations are still the same.

22/1  Lab signup!

The lab signup is open. The labs start February 2 with a lesson. Sign Up NOW to be sure of a seat. The lab pages are still subject to updates, but start reading the PINTOS documentation NOW to prepare for the labs. The most relevant parts for the first of our labs is the chapters "Project 2", "Project 3" and "Reference Guide". It is most important to get a rough picture of PINTOS and where to find the information, even if you do not understand everything yet.

7/1  Happy New Year!!

The web pages have been set up for VT 2009.

The lab pages are still subject to updates. Refer to previous year for a good hint of what you will do.

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Last updated: 2009-01-07