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TDDD65 6 hp /Introduction to the Theory of Computation

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2016‑11‑02  Tentamensvisning

The "tentavisning", i.e. the opportunity to look at your exams, will be on tuesday 2016-11-08, 12:30-13:00 in room SaS Grupprum 3, house B.

2016‑10‑12  Changes regarding homework

It was decided on the lecture today to make the following changes: The session on thu. oct 13 is cancelled and the deadline for homework 2 is extended until tue oct 18, 17:00. There will be no new session for presenting the solutions.

2016‑09‑08  Cancelled lecture

Unfortunately, also the lecture on friday 2016-09-09, 13:15-15:00 will be cancelled. I will try to insert new lectures, instead of the cancelled ones, later in the course.

2016‑09‑07  Cancelled lecture

The lecture on thursday 2016-09-08, 8:15-10:00 is cancelled due to illness. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

2016‑01‑25  Tentamensvisning

The "tentavisning", i.e. the opportunity to look at your exams, will be on tuesday 2016-02-02, 12:30-13:00 in room Donald Knuth, house B. (Note: there is tentavisning for another course too, at the same time).

2015‑11‑06  Tentavisning

The "tentavisning", i.e. the opportunity to look at your exams, will be on wednesday 2015-11-11, 12:30-13:00 at my office.

2015‑08‑11  Course 2015 - Web pages

Revision of the course web pages has begun, but is not yet finished.

2014‑11‑14  Homework results

You should now all have received mails about the outcome of the homeworks. I have returned your homeworks in named envelopes outside my room, where you can fetch them. Also note that I have now passed your exams over to "studerandeexpeditionen" in house E.

2014‑11‑10  Tentavisning

There will be a tentavisning (i.e. an opportunity to look at your exam) on Friday 2014-11-14, 12:30-13:00, in room Donald Knuth (house B).

2014‑10‑16  Extra lecture

By request, there will be an extra lecture to replace the one that was cancelled today. After checking with some students in the group, it seems possible to schedule a lecture next week. Hence, there will be a lecture on tuesday 2014-10-21, 13:15-15:00 in room P26. Welcome!

2014‑10‑16  Cancelled lecture

There has been problems to reschedule courses after my illness so the lecture today (thu 2014-10-16) must unfortunately be cancelled too, due to a collision with another course. Since there is little time left for new lectures and there were originally some spare lectures scheduled, it is not necessary to replace todays lecture. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

2014‑10‑13  Homework and Changes

The second set of homework problems was delayed since I have been ill. Hence, the lesson for presenting solutions on wed. oct 15 is CANCELLED. Instead, the deadline for the homework is after the exam, on thu. nov. 6, and there will be no session for discussing the solutions. The homework problems are now available on the Homework page.

2014‑10‑08  Cancelled Lecture

The lecture on thursday oct. 9 is cancelled due to illness.

2014‑09‑25  Homework 1

The problems for homework 1 are now available. Please note the deadline for handing in the written solutions. Also remember to register in Webreg if you haven't already done so.

2014‑09‑19  Please register in Webreg

For administrative reasons you must register in the Webreg system for doing the homeworks in the course. See the homework page for the link.

2014‑09‑10  Schedule change

The following lecture and lessons are swapped. That is, thursday 2014-09-11 is lecture 4 and thursday 2014-09-18 is lesson 1 (problem solving session). You should have solved (or tried to solve) the first set of exercises before lesson 1.

2014‑08‑11  Course 2014 - Advanced Academic Studies Part

Rita Kovordányi takes over this part of the course from Nahid Shahmeri.

2014‑08‑11  Course 2014 - Web pages

Started updating the course web page for this years course (2014).

21/11  Tentamensvisning

There will be a tentamensvisning, that is, an opportunity for you to have a look att your exams and ask any questions you may have about it. Time: Wed. nov. 27, 12:30-13:00. Place: Room Donald Knuth, at IDA. Sorry for the delay, I have been ill.

18/9  Groups and articles for written assignments

The reading material for the written assignments (summary and critical review) can be found here. Information about deadlines is posted here.

18/9  Slides for Academic studies pt 2

The slides for the 2nd lecture in "Introduction to advanced academic studies" are published here.

16/9  Slides for Academic studies pt 1

The slides for the first lecture in "Introduction to advanced academic studies" are published here.

4/9  Introduction to advanced academic studies

This course includes a part called "Introduction to advanced academic studies". The lectures, meetings and seminars in that course part are mandatory. See the timetable for everything marked with an "A". More information available here.

31/8  Welcome to TDDD65!

The course website should be mainly up to date now. A few additions will be made later.

27/8  Welcome to TDDD65!

The course website is currently being updated.

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