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TDDD63 7 hp / Perspectives in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


To generate a schedule for this course, please proceed to LiU's TimeEdit Tool

Room assignments for the initial project labs in HT1:

DateCapture the FlagHumanoidsMapsMindstormsXPilot
Tue 131008SU12-13von NeumannSU15PC1-2SU16
Wed 131009SU12-13B2C:460SU15PC1-2SU16
Tue 131015SU12-13B2C:460SU10PC1-2SU11
Thu 131017SU12-13B2C:460SU00PC1-2SU01
Fri 131018SU12-13B2C:460SU15PC1-2SU16
Mon 131021SU12-13B2C:460SU15PC1-2SU16

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